Sunday, January 25, 2009

The purpose of these tools...

I'm on myspace, I'm on Facebook. But I don't use either of those as something to get my shhit out in the open air. Myspace is their mainly for band stuff. I use it to set up shows, find bands to do show trades with, etc.
This new little device of mine will be here to go off about things for lenghthier periods of time/words. I will talk about my favorite music and films. I will discuss bands and albums you may have never heard in hopes of exposing whoever reads this to new worlds. In return, whoever I may encounter in doing so will (hopefully) tell me about music/films I've never heard of.
I guess I can start this by giving you a quick overview. I'm 29 years old and live in Ohio. I have a wife named Ashley and a 2 year old son named Cash. They are my favorite things in life. Without either of them, I'm not a worthy human being to exist.
My world is consumed by geek habits. I'm the lead vocalist of a band called The Highgears. We're a rock and roll band and I will surely be discussing that on here. In my spare time, I obsess and consume rock and roll. My iPod is as scatterbrained as myself. Acid Bath to Adele, High on Fire to Hall & Oates, Pentagram to Prince-this list carries on. I'm not particularly dedicated to one genre. I consider it all rock and roll.
Horror films are my other major vice. I've been a fan and a collector since I was a kid. It started with VHS boom of the 80's, in which I consumed as much gore, violence, and schlock as possible. I'm still like that. On occasion, I work with a great indie film company from Rochester, NY called Low Budget Pictures. I've been in 2 films so far. One was with The Highgears. We've written and recorded several songs for LBP. The other was my first big acting bit with them. It was a film called Deathbone. It's a barbarian spoof in the tradition of Conan, Beastmaster, Deathstalker. You get the gist of it. Anyway, I will be working more with them and the band will as well. At any rate, horror is something I find myself never being too terribly angry with the genre because it's not to be taken that seriously. Don't get wrong, plenty of shitty films piss me off (bad remakes, etc.) but overall, I know what it's about. I have a pretty good knowledge of the genre and its history (I don't know how good that is) and just enjoy it at all levels.
Other than that, I try not to get too geeky. I love comics but keep up like I did when I was younger i.e., I get pussy on a regular basis. I love the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Baltimore Orioles. My family and my friends are my life and I would gladly give mine for any of them. I've been told that I'm grumpy and angry a lot. But I do love to laugh and smile.
I will be on here often, I will look for interesting blogs to read and I hope you enjoy reading mine. Thank you...

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  1. I want to believe... (Dammit. That sounded a lot funnier in my head.)